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Automates modification of the Arch Linux stock kernel PKGBUILD and its supporting files from ABS to build PAE-enabled kernel packages (linux+headers). Also creates source packages for AUR and signs binary packages and pacman database files with PGP.

Compiled kernel binary packages are hosted in the unofficial pacman repository.

rsyncbackup [+]

Backs up the entire system (minus some temp/cache directories) to a remote host using rsync over SSH. Requires public key based authentication to be configured. Just symlink in /etc/cron.daily.

snapshotbackup [+]

Makes taking snapshots on BTRFS convenient by adding custom descriptions or using time stamps.

syntax:   snapshotbackup <subvolume> [snapshot description]


Configures (on system startup) multiple IP addresses on a single ethernet adapter via IP aliasing. Uses the old inetutils.

Monitors various log files using multitail within a screen session launched on system startup.

2010-03-28 Tom Wizetek | PGP